Damon Low Videography

Damon Low Videography - A Singapore Wedding Videographer

What’s He About

True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach

Damon believes in helping couples recreate true romances that will last a life time. He is inspired by vibrant personalities and the colourful energy that radiates during the wedding day. A desire to portray intimacies naturally on film, Damon is committed to capturing what others can only try to accomplish. Wedding Videography was an interest that grew to become his dream – a sincere dream that Damon wishes to share with those who want nothing but the best.

How He Works

With years of experience and a strong passion for his art, Damon’s philosophy is to be unobtrusive and unpretentious as he prefers to let the precious moments unravel effortlessly. Damon aims to personalise each wedding video with perfection and let each one tell a different story. Adding to his recipe of concepts, he chooses to playfully tickle sweet romance with candid humour. Damon Low Videography wants you to have that special memory; a memory that captures quiet moments, displays personal emotions, and accentuates cheery laughter.

What You’ll Get

Let go and let Damon provide you with all the essentials of an unforgettable wedding footage. With a creative flair and a creative eye that easily captures silent affections, you’ll be surprised at this talent. Like the sacred vow of love and togetherness forever, Damon Low Videography promises you cinematic memories that linger– a never ending encore of blissful wedding celebrations.